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  • M. Jennifer Bloxam, Professor of Music, Williams College

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  • Stratton Bull, Director, Cappella Pratensis, for the perfect collaboration
  • Reinhard Strohm, Heather Professor of Music, University of Oxford, for the discoveries and insights into music in late-medieval Bruges that brought the story behind Obrecht’s Missa de Sancto Donatiano to light
  • Rob C. Wegman, Associate Professor of Music, Princeton University, for breathing new life into Obrecht’s legacy
  • Sarah Riskind ’09, for her enthusiasm for early music, sharp research and writing skills, and technical savvy that carried this website’s creation through from start to finish
  • Joseph Markley, for his unstinting encouragement, interest, and help

Technical implementation:

  • Team Pixel Pirates, Williams Instructional Technology 2006:
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    Douglas Onyango ’11, Maria Tucker ’10, Akemi Ueda ’10
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    Scott Daniel ’17, Karol Regula ’21
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Film clips and audio from the DVD+CD set Jacob Obrecht: Missa de Sancto Donatiano (Bruges 1487)

  • A&R Challenge Records International: Anne de Jong
  • Producer: Jérôme Lejeune
  • Director: Rob van den Berg
  • Project coordinator: Stratton Bull
  • Musical directors: Stratton Bull and Peter Van Heyghen
  • Musicological advisor: M. Jennifer Bloxam
  • Performers:
    • Cappella Pratensis, directed by Stratton Bull and Peter Van Heyghen
      • Superius: Stratton Bull, Hugo Naessens
      • Altus: Christopher Kale, Peter Van Heyghen
      • Tenor: Robert Buckland, Arnout Lems
      • Bassus: Lieven Deroo, Lionel Meunier
    • Organist: Wim Diepenhorst
    • Celebrant: Father Ignace Thevelein
    • Deacon: Father Jeroen Claerhout
    • Subdeacon: Simon Van Damme
  • Actors:
    • Adriane de Vos: Nele Gabriëls
    • Celebrant: Father Ignace Thevelein
    • Deacon: Father Jeroen Claerhout
    • Subdeacon: Simon Van Damme
  • Project manager: Ruud Dirkse
  • Cameramen: Arjan Jauregui, Ingmar Koper, Richard de Jong, Paul Huber
  • Sound: Hans Duran
  • Lighting: Martin Swinkel, Sparks Lighting BV
  • Editing: Pieter Hilber
  • Audio post-production: Rob van Schoonderwalt
  • Digital recording polyphony and plainchant: Eglise St Apollinaire, Bolland, Belgium (22 – 24 November, 2006)
  • Digital recording organ: Grote of St.-Andreaskerk, Hattem, The Netherlands (26 May 2006)
  • Recording engineers: Jérôme Lejeune, Gregory Beaufays
  • Logistical support: Benoît Kervyn, Erfgoedcel Brugge; Ides and Lieve Keukeleire-Boerenboom; Piet Viérin and Marc Babylon, Sint-Gilliskerk, Bruges; Ward Poppe, Sint-Jacobskerk, Bruges; Noël Geirnaert, Bruges City Archives; Kurt Priem, Grootseminarie Brugge; Claire Jeunhomme, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bruges; Joe Markley; Sarah Riskind
  • Financial sponsors: Municipality of Tilburg (The Netherlands); Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Welfare; VSB-fonds; Province of North Brabant (The Netherlands); Stichting Dioraphte; J.C. van Lanschot Stichting; Stichting Leye Fonds; Stichting Van der Linden Fonds; Mr. Paul de Gruyter Stichting; Stichting Janivo; ThuisKopie Fonds