Supporting Academic Projects

The Makerspace Program Manager, David Keiser-Clark, and his team of student workers, supports faculty and staff academic projects and publishes blog posts to synthesize learning experiences, spotlight the stakeholders, and explain how the project fits into a larger context. This project-focused approach enables student workers to develop expert-knowledge in emerging technologies, build strong 1:1 relationships with faculty and staff, and even network with faculty and students at peer institutions. Student workers have many opportunities to strengthen their communication and project management skills.

The Makerspace encourages interdisciplinary discussions of academic projects grounded in technology. The Makerspace facilitates innovation and creativity through experimentation, prototyping, and hands-on learning. In addition to our own access to technology, we collaborate with other spaces on campus that have other technologies that complement our own, and this enables us to fulfill complex projects. The Makerspace offers student workers access to become skilled with a variety of cutting-edge technologies in spaces that were previously inaccessible. 

Makerspace @ Williams College

Sawyer Library
Center for Education Technology
Floor 2, Room 248

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