1. the common people of an ancient Greek state.
    • the populace as a political unit, especially in a democracy.


With Prof. Nelly Rosario, redrawing the ‘Life is a Carnival’ painting at the ’62 Center for Theater and Dance


With Williams College Museum curator Horace Ballard, doing @demosarte exhibit install at the ’62 Center for Theater and Dance


With guest speaker, writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez


‘La Borinqueña’ comic-book signing by writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez


Listening as Prof. Tania Perez-Cano sheds light on “Cuba: My Revolution” by Inverna Lockpez


With cast members Rita Moreno, Isabella Gómez, and writer Gloria Calderon Kellett of ‘One Day at a Time’