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Image: Detail from 23andMeBlog banner for Hispanic Heritage Month, October 2018

DNA+Latinx: Decoding the ‘Cosmic Race’

Prof. Nelly Rosario

Latina/o Studies Program, Williams College
Spring 2019

Scientists working to assemble maps of the human genome have found a goldmine in the DNA of Latinx, Latin American, and other admixed populations that derive ancestry from multiple continents. In this interdisciplinary course, we will explore Latinidades and other identities through a genealogical lens: What culture-specific issues emerge around history, identity, ethics, forensics, immigration, commerce, surveillance, art, science, and medicine? Through discussion and materials that engage personal, historical, and scientific perspectives, this course offers students the opportunity to explore the many codes embedded in the double-helix. In addition to readings, course materials include podcasts, video, artwork, and oral histories. We will also integrate National DNA Day (April 25) and the 15-year anniversary of the Latina/o Studies Program at Williams College events with themes explored throughout the semester.





The Cosmic Race (LatinoUSA )



Reconstructing Human Migrations from Genomic Data | Andres Moreno Estrada




Secrets of War (Snap Judgement)


Afro Latinos Get DNA Tested (Pero Like)


Some Girls: A Journey of Self Discovery for Latina Girls (2017)


 Residente: The Story of René Pérez (2017)