I am a theoretical physicist specializing in the design and study of “artificial atoms” made of superconducting devices operating in the quantum limit at very low temperatures and with very low electrical noise. My other interests include quantum computing with ultracold neutral atoms, quantum computing algorithms, and computational and mathematical physics in general. The common focus of my work is to develop methods to efficiently and robustly store, transfer, and manipulate quantum information using simple, experimentally accessible control protocols. I am currently working on the design of “artificial solids” capable of demonstrating novel quantum transport, with potential application in quantum computers.

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Senior Thesis Students

Student Research

  • Anne Marie Forney, Gettysburg College, Spring 2008 (NIST, Georgetown)
  • Hai Zhou, Summer 2008
  • Ben Athiwaratkun, Summer 2009
  • Douglas Onyango, Summer 2009
  • Qiao Zhang, Summer 2009
  • Samyam Rajbhandari, Summer 2009

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