2021, December 04 (Total Eclipse)

eFlight map for the 2021 total eclipse (Glenn Schneider)
The planned route of Sky & Telescope’s 2021 “flight into totality”. Sky & Telescope; base map: Xavier Jubier

SKY & TELESCOPE’S December 4, 2021 Website

Glenn Schneider/Tim Todd’s Total Solar Eclipse Flight Details 

Fred Espenak EclipseWise Website

Michael Zeiler, “Polar Solar Eclipse”, GreatAmericanEclipse.com

Eclipsophile Website

TravelQuest on-ice tour (priced from ~$40,000)

Xavier Jubier Map

Jay Anderson: weather/cloudiness info: http://eclipsophile.com (see our new book, Peterson Field Guide to Weather (2021), at pasachoff.com)

Past eclipse overflight of Antarctica