The Charge of the Committee on Campus Space and Institutional History (CSIH) is both specific and broad. To these ends, we intend to do the following during the spring 2016 semester: 1) learn about objects, names, and spaces that raise concerns about their inclusivity for members of our community; 2) brainstorm ways to invite feedback from the campus community, including a student forum, and gathering input from alumni who have their own recollections of spaces and objects from their time here on campus; and 3) develop a timetable for making a recommendation this semester about what should be done about the Log mural specifically.

Unlike many committees that meet at specific times in routine locations, you will likely see us in unlikely locations and times, whether it be an upcoming meeting at The Log or walking as a group around campus. Part of our work is to consider certain objects but also to understand them within the context of their environment.

Although President Falk never named our committee, and we were initially loosely known as the committee to “consider historical representations” on campus, we have decided to call this group the Committee on Campus Space and Institutional History. But we also wish to underscore that no name could exactly capture what we imagine to be the intent behind the formation of the committee.

Finally, it is our hope that the multiple perspectives of our committee members will provide the tools for a deep and thoughtful engagement with the important questions of public space and inclusivity on campus.

We look forward to our discussions, both with each other and with many of you, and invite you to be in touch with us through our committee’s email, [email protected].

The Committee on Campus Space and Institutional History

Jake Bingaman ’19

Matthew Hennessy, ’17

Alexander Jen ’19

Elizabeth Poulos ’19

Thomas Riley ’18

Ariana Romeo ’19

Joseph Cruz ’91, Professor of Philosophy

Karen Merrill, Frederick Rudolph Professor of American Culture

Katarzyna Pieprzak, Professor of Francophone

Literature, French Language, and Comparative Literature

David L. Smith, John W. Chandler Professor of English

Keli Gail, Secretary of the College

Ferentz Lafargue, Director of the Davis Center

Kevin Murphy, Eugenie Prendergast Curator of American Art

Richard Spalding, Chaplain to the College

Leila Jere ’91, Alumni Representative