Disket Angmo

BA, St. Olafs College

Disket Angmo holds a BA in Philosophy (2018) from St. Olaf College in Minnesota and is a Ladakhi student organizer for social justice. She has volunteered at LVC( Lutheran volunteer corps) that brings and trains youth to work for social justice, sustainability and intentional community building. Through LVC, she has worked at a mental health center at the Family Enhancement Center in Minneapolis, MN where psychotherapy and parenting counseling are made affordable for lower income families. At Family Enhancement Center, she has assisted mental health providers with programs that incorporates Buddhist mindfulness practices and yoga especially for teenagers with sexual abuse background. In 2018, she was a residential hall advisor at St. Olaf college where she provided social, educational, and wellness programs to fellow students. She has also volunteered at the Manava Gokul project in Pune, India where she tutored and provided other social services for children affected by HIV/AIDS. Presently, she is planning to start her Master in Buddhist Studies from Ranjung Yeshe Institute, Nepal. Her primary role in Climate Z is to help facilitate and implement the Focus Group Discussions, develop ethnographic training curricula for team members and Zangskar research assistants with Gutschow and Sears, and develop the curricula and implement the science camps with Sears as well as collect data, upload to digital platform, and otherwise help manage the social media for Ladakhi team members and climate influencers involved with Climate Z.