Get involved

  • Our next lab openings will be for RA positions to start in Spring 2024 with the hiring process opening in mid-February. Email Prof. Thuronyi anytime if you would like to be added to the mailing list for future RA openings.
  • We will have a few openings for summer students (tentatively, mid-June through July) this summer. Stop by the Chemistry Research Fair (tentatively, Fri 2/2) to learn more!

There are many ways to get involved in the lab and you can get something good out of the experience no matter what your experience level, class year, or availability.

When new students join the group, they start by learning the DNA construction pipeline by doing steps to build designs queued up by current lab members. These designs support all the ongoing projects in the group – and the pipeline’s software and data are themselves one of our current research projects. You can get the basics of the pipeline in a semester as a research assistant, or in a couple of weeks of Winter Study or summer research. As you do bench work to build DNA, you can learn to design DNA using the group’s training resources and exercises. At that point, you’re equipped to contribute directly to experiments that address research goals.

To find out about how to get involved, see the Chemistry department Research page and FAQ. RA positions generally start at the beginning of each semester and the summer research application process kicks off in February.

Working in the lab for a semester / Winter Study / summer research doesn’t commit you to continuing in the future.

You can apply for a senior thesis in spring of your junior year. Preference is given to Chemistry majors but you can also do a Biology thesis for Biol credit in the group. Thesis assignments are made at a department level so placement in the lab isn’t guaranteed. Previous experience in the group is not a requirement for a thesis, though it can be a good idea to try the lab out to see if it’s a good fit for you. You can apply to do summer research in the group before your thesis year, but it’s not required.

Independent study for 1 credit is also possible during your junior year. Talk with Prof. Thuronyi about this well in advance if you might be interested. Some previous experience in the lab is strongly preferred.