• The new edition of Statistics: The Art and Science of Data Analysis (Agresti, Franklin, Klingenberg, 4th edition, Pearson 2016) has been published.

  • “Simultaneous confidence intervals for comparing margins of multivariate binary data”, Klingenberg and Satopää, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 64, 87–98, 2013.
  • R code for the confidence interval for the difference of two proportions:
    • The Miettinen-Nurminen Interval (performs “better” than the score): MN
    • The score interval: score_int
      • This code is actually more general and let’s you compute the score interval for any linear combination of proportions! (See Andres et al. (2011) Stat. Meth. Med. Research.)

      Note: These intervals are not what you would get from prop.test() in R! prop.test() returns the inferior clipped Wald interval with or without continuity correction. It should not be used. prop.test() can also not do the score test when the null difference of proportion is anything other than 0.