Why Are Goodbyes So Hard?

Knowing that this is my last blog post, it’s very hard to begin. It seems impossible to try to characterize my experience of our course in one short post. To explain what studying in Hong Kong for a month was like, I would have to explain what the atmosphere of a wet market is like, what it felt like when I made our learning buddies laugh, the different teaching styles of the Lingnan professors, the way our group grew together and learned how to support one another. I don’t feel capable of adequately explaining any of these things.

I will share this: This trip to Hong Kong forced me to think and live outside of my comfort area (comfort zone is too cliché). I didn’t expect to love the city so much. I didn’t expect to feel confident riding public transportation and walking around alone. I didn’t expect to engage so deeply with the coursework and to see our lessons reflected in the world around me.

All I can say is thank you. Thank you to Professor Yu, to Professor Annie Chan, to all of the other Lingnan professors and administrators, to our learning buddies, to my classmates, to all of the forces that made this trip possible.

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