Settled In

Today’s lecture centered around Hong Kong’s literary tradition, questions on relationships, identity, and much more. After discussion, my learning buddy and I went for sushi downtown. The experience was pretty cool, the sushi shot out on a conveyer belt that stretched around the restaurant. Thoroughly full, the meal ended up costing us about 20 USD for two people. I then returned to my dorm to read a bit of the book I bought yesterday in the sun, and do some laundry. I then decided to set out for dinner. My plan was to go eat the famous pineapple cake that I’ve been craving, at a place near Prince Edward. I then wanted to walk to a restaurant that my friend recommended to me that serves Xinjiang cuisine. The pineapple cake was pretty good (have some leftover for breakfast tomorrow). The area was really lively and quirky. Besides this one food place, the rest of the long street was only aquarium shops, with fancy looking fish swimming in large tanks and bags. The next street over sold only fresh flowers, and smelled much better than the aquarium street. I arrived at the Xinjiang place and ate a heaping bowl of noodles. Something that struck me at the restaurant was that the waitress asked if I could use chopsticks before serving my food, and did this kind of act with her hands in case I didn’t know what chopsticks were. I suppose its easy to forget I am really distinguishable, especially at local places where there usually aren’t foreigners. After eating, I took a cab to the nearest subway station. I’m really pleased I reached both these places without google maps or anything, as my phone is out of data. I also got back, changing subway lines three times, without a second thought. I am definitely getting familiar with my surroundings, and working into a bit of a routine too.

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