Jan. 23, 2018: Illness

The worst fear of a travel course trip leader is illness, not his or her own, but of the students. I must have hit the jackpot, having two students (out of a total of eight) who have fallen ill in this very first travel course that I offer (which makes me wonder if I should offer a travel course again).

Because of this misfortune, we have witnessed yet another positive aspect of the Hong Kong society: convenient and affordable health care. We were able to locate a nice, quiet private clinic with doctors who were trained in top medical schools and who were willing to accept new patients on the spot without an appointment. A doctor’s visit plus medication only cost about HK $300, which is unthinkable in the U.S..

The clinic is located in the Fu Tai Estate, a public housing area which is within 5 minutes walk from Lingnan. The word “public housing” might scare away a lot of American readers, but this kind of area in Hong Kong actually could bring┬ávery positive living experiences. Fu Tai Estate, like many other public housing areas in Hong Kong, is located right next to a transportation hub with a lot of buses and mini-buses. The estate includes a small mall with a grocery store, a couple convenience stores, a post-office, an organic product store, several clinics, bakeries, and restaurants. Many Lingnan students come here for lunch or dinner every day. There is even a small wet market with food vendors on the ground floor.

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