Jan. 17, 2018: Eileen Chang and HKU

The morning discussions were centered around Eileen Chang’s 張愛玲 classic “Love in a Fallen City” 傾城之戀, a story set in 1940’s Hong Kong. The learning buddies also discussed the difficult topic of “love.”

In the afternoon, no students signed up for the optional field trip to the University of Hong Kong. They were right: At the end of the day I found out to my disappointment that there is no trace of Eileen Chang or any memory associated with her to be found on the campus of the renowned HKU. Instead, several buildings are named after another HKU alum, the late wife of a famous real estate tycoon.

A last-minute change of itinerary brought Lee, RB, Konnor and me from HKU to the top of the Peak, after a 1.5-hour sweaty hike.


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