Hong Kong Economics & Goodbyes

Today was the first economics class I’ve ever had–which may have helped me determine that it may not be the subject area for me. It was, however, still really interesting finding out more about how Hong Kong’s economy worked, especially after having gone to Hong Kong’s monetary authority last Saturday. I had basically understood none of what was going on when we had gone to that trip, but now a lot of it makes sense. I’ve come to realize that the majority of changes/worries that many Hong Kongers face tend to be when the end of the 50 year part of the deal is up, since everything could potentially change for Hong Kong, especially its economy.

Apart from Hong Kong economy, I met up one last time with my best friend, before she returned to the States for college. I asked her for her interpretation of traditional Hong Kong food and I was definitely in for a surprise. I had some clotted blood I believe, some cow veins, and some squid. It was definitely an experience, but really glad to have been able to share it with her.

On the train ride home, I was extremely calm and, for a moment, felt really at home in Hong Kong. I was struck by the mountains’ beauty, felt at peace, and overall–I really had a good ride back to campus.

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