Hong Kong Cinema

Our lecture this morning centered around Hong Kong cinema, and after listening, I have a lot of movies I want to see. Today, I went with Yu laoshi to lunch in a nearby district and enjoyed this bibimbap-like dish (forgetting the name temporarily) and a wonderful milk tea to cool down. It was a really memorable afternoon, and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with Yu laoshi. The whole group spent the rest of the day exploring the area around chungking mansion, the place that “chungking express” is centered around. It was very different from the rest of HK that we have seen, and we enjoyed a great meal there afterwards. Really stuffed and a bit sleepy, we then went to see the light show at Victoria Harbor, which apparently goes on every night at 8 o’clock. It was absolutely brilliant, with all the major buildings in Central lighting up in different colors and laser lights flashing to the sound of music. There were also a few street performers that were pretty talented. All in all, today felt like it went by very quickly, making me even more determined to do as much as I can before leaving.

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