Day 4- Start of Classes

Today marked the first official day of classes, which was largely about the population in Hong Kong mainly beginning around the time of the colonial era, up until the present day. I have actually never taken a class revolving around the population of an area and issues surrounding that, much less one about Hong Kong. But I actually very much enjoyed everything that was discussed today–probably since I was learning about everything for the very first time. It was also affirming to learn about the domestic workers in a more academic setting– placing what I had witnessed yesterday around Hong Kong island into perspective. After class, a group of us went into the central of Tuen Mun, grabbing lunch and I tried duck eggs for the first time. Watching Coco in Cantonese was also an experience, but still very much enjoyable since I have grown to like Hong Kong popcorn so much more than the kind served in the U.S.

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