Another Day for Adventure

I’m not exactly sure what it is about going abroad, but it always creates a more adventurous person out of me. Tonight, our group went out to hike Castle Peak–and honestly it felt so rewarding. I don’t normally hike, because of the fear of toppling over and falling down. But I knew the hike would look absolutely stunning from the top, so I couldn’t resist. After meeting up with Professor Chan’s husband, we took the LightRail, and began our walk to the mountain. I was surprised to see the amount of temples that were there along the way. It’s fascinating for me to see so many, and know that the population may not entirely identify as a religious.

After a very steep walk, we reached the top. I managed to embrace the chilly winds and really had time to reflect a lot. My body was going through so much effort that I couldn’t really talk anyways (haha). Once at the top with the view, I felt so tiny–and that’s one of my favorite feelings in the world. I think that a lot of times, I just get so consumed by the world around me and worry about such little things. Doing things like hiking, where I get to see how much larger the world is than myself constantly remind me that things aren’t quite as important as I make them seem. I become a lot more calm and reflective and I really, really appreciated that. (As well as Professor Chan’s husband for taking us!)

Lunch was also amazing. I am in love with Dim Sum.

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