Today began with an excellent meal at one of our professor’s apartments on campus. We had delicious bacon, quiche, and fresh fruit and bread. It was a really great morning just relaxing and eating with everyone else. Afterwards, Lee and I went into Central to find a nice place to write our reports due later this week. I have to say once we did settle down in a coffee shop it was really difficult to write. Every time I heard someone yelling in Cantonese or car horns I just wanted to go out, see more, and meet people. It was a really wonderful afternoon with Lee though, navigating through crowds and skyscrapers to find our destination. When it hit dinner time, I left for a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go for awhile, Michilen-starred, famous for roast goose and pork. Although the friend I had asked to go had to cancel last minute, the meal was one of the best I have had here. The wait staff was also really friendly and helpful, recommending what I should try. The place does an amazing business, with people waiting for hours outside. I left stuffed and satisfied, writing a quick review on yelp. I was really happy until I got to the subway station and realized it was peak rush hour. Transferring lines in Central, I have to say the station was one of the most crowded areas I’ve been in life. It is certainly something you have to get used to, but I guess I’ve just been luckily avoiding rush hour travel the past few weeks. I got back to the hostels and made a hot cup of tea, making edits on what I’ve already written of the report. I think I’m going to stay local tomorrow, hopefully enjoy some good weather and savor the last few days we have here.

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