This morning, the Professor Annie Chan invited us over to have brunch at her home. It was delicious, a taste of home, with strata, tea, homemade bread, grapes,  and bacon, just to name some of the food.
After brunch, I headed back to the dorm to nap, video chat my family, and work on my paper and presentation. Professors Yuen and O’Connor emailed Harry and me back with a bunch of resources to augment the research we had before. I met Adriana and we left to find Lee in a coffee shop in Central. It took us a very long time to get to the geographic coordinates Jake had sent me. We ended up by the Bank of China building and wandering through the city building, thinking it was strange that this small coffee shop would be in the center of this very wealthy, financial area. We stole some wifi from a Starbucks and discovered that we were actually a fifteen-minute walk from The Coffee Academics and proceeded to pass the peak tram line, the Hong Kong Zoological And Botanical Gardens, and several bars in Lan Kwai Fong before locating the coffee shop and Lee. We inadvertently made a restaurant open and set up all of their outdoor seating. We ate outside and seemed to order food from three different places; there were three different menus and our food came out of differen t restaurants. After some good Indian and Thai food, we made our way to the MTR station with a craving for some bubble tea. There were no open bubble tea places in the area (we checked), so we headed back to campus. We decided that something may be open in Yuen Long, so we got off at that stop and used the MTR wifi to search. We found one that was closing in 45 minutes, so we made our way to the store and got there before they shut. We walked back to the station, feeling very satisfied, even struggling to finish the drink before we got back on the subway. We got back to the dorms around 11:30 pm and tried to figure out plans for tomorrow and do a bit of work before going to bed.

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