I was startled awake as Adriana nudged me at 8:40 am and I rushed to get ready before class started. During class today, we talked about 衣食住行玩,or clothing, food, dwelling, mobility, and entertainment: the basic necessities of life. We did not talk too much about food (since we have covered this in a previous lesson) but went into an overview, comparison with the US, and issues for the other topics. For instance, in Hong Kong, being fashionable is deemed important and different stereotypes associated with not dressing on trend. The second part of the class, each of us shared our ideas and motivations for our final research projects.
After grabbing lunch, Adriana, Lee, and I head to a coffee shop in Long Ping to work on our projects. On our way to the shop, we passed by a bakery that sold an assortment of tarts and buns. Lee got some empanada-looking snacks that were filled with nuts and other customers told us that they are a favorite treat around Chinese New Year.
We ordered some drinks and got to work on research for our projects. About three hours later, we walked to a Korean restaurant about twenty minutes away and met RB for some tasty food. We came back to Lingnan and met up with some other students and talked for a bit before heading to bed. A lazy but fun and productive day!

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