Long days can’t keep going forever – every once and while, you need a day off – for me, that day was Friday (two days ago, as I’m writing this – turns out it was a day off from writing blogs, too). Class was a satisfying wrap-up of the two-week course. Our reading encompassed a lot of what we had been learning, and we were able to bring together disparate concepts and details to paint a more wholistic picture of life in Hong Kong. Now that classes are finished, I feels like I only have more questions than when we started, but I suppose I also have a more complete understanding of this city, even if such an understanding only reveals more things I’ve yet to learn. Afterwards, we gave brief pitches on our final projects, and the simple act of fitting our loose idea into words helped give Clement and I a lot of direction. Then, in the afternoon, in contrast to what seems like every other day of this trip, I did nothing. I took at nap, did my laundry, read for a bit, took another nap. Some part of me felt I should be getting a head start on my final project, but that’s what Sundays are for. Instead, I let myself unwind and briefly, instead of running here and there to take Hong Kong in, just let myself sit back and take Hong Kong in. I ventured briefly to Yuen Long for a Korean dinner, and then hit the hay. Not a waste of a day, so much as a needed rest.

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