1/10/18 – Hong Kong Politics

Today was an absolutely great day, filled with a lot of exciting new things for me, starting off with morning lecture about Hong Kong’s political history, both past and present. I had never taken a class on Hong Kong’s politics before, so it was really quite interesting for me to understand the country’s complex stance from its transition from the British, back to the Chinese. It really left me quite stumped, since I could definitely understand both arguments that were being made. I’m really curious as to how things will play out once the initial 50 years part of the contract runs out.

We later went on to visit Hong Kong’s  500 year old walled village and wetlands, which had a really great view to Shenzhen. It was a really fun time, creating more bonding time with the group. I really appreciated the trips–especially since they were all relatively near to Tuen Mun. It was a good opportunity to visit a different side of Hong Kong.

Dinner was also AMAZING. My favorite dish had to be this type of roasted fish. But everything was very yummy.

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