10-1-18 Bonding and Good Food

Today was a wonderful day. It started with a run up Tuen Mun trail and a stunning 360 view of the Surrounding area with its rolling peaks nestled in between the busy criss-cross of the highways. I knew it would be a good day when I was halfway up the mountain and an I spotted an elderly Chinese man running down the mountain with a small boombox attached to his hip. While jogging past me and jamming out to his music he asked me how my day was and yelled happily “today is great!” Something about that was so wholesome and real. Eventually I made it back to campus and to the lecture about Hong Kong as a protest city. I learned a lot of the details on how Hong Kong’s political atmosphere and tensions sprouted. Beforehand I only vaguely knew the political situation in Hong Kong, but after the lecture I felt much more solidified in my understanding. For our discussion instead of going to the canteen to discuss, we discussed as a large group over dim sum at the Lingnan house. Despite ordering way too much food (for what seemed to be way too low of a price) we finished most of it and had a lively lunch with the Lingnan students. The dim sum was delicious and plentiful and we all ate to our hearts content. Afterwards we wandered to the walled city along with Professor. Yu Li and had a delicious dinner at a Shanghainese restaurant for dinner. After today I feel more comfortable to Hong Kong and the group of students from both Lingnan and Williams. I suppose delicious food, beautiful sights and great company really do make for a killer combination.

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