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Teach Process not Material

I invited Professor McGuire to do this guest column after hearing some inspiring comments from him at our weekly Tuesday Science lunch today:

Teach Process not Material by Professor Morgan McGuire

I’ve been thinking lately that one cannot put enough emphasis on process, as opposed to material. In the sciences this means the methodology that we bring to solving problems. That methodology is usually mathematical or experimental. Moreover, I think process is a universal truth that applies equally well to the humanities, as well as outside academia in industry. Continue reading ‘Teach Process not Material’ »

Topologies on R of All Possible Cardinalities

In this guest column, David Thompson (Williams ’11) observes that there are topologies on R of all cardinalities from 2 to 2^{|R|}, assuming the Continuum Hypothesis, a result from the first topology tutorial session with his tutorial partner Andrew Lee and me. Continue reading ‘Topologies on R of All Possible Cardinalities’ »