Finally arrived in Kyoto! I left from Williamstown 5 AM yesterday and arrived in Kyoto 6 AM the next day. A travel time of 25 hours. The plane ride from Newark to Narita was the longest one I’ve had: 14 hours. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I had been on a 12 hour flight before, and it was horrible. I was not able to sleep at all. On the other hand, I was able to sleep 8 hours on the flight to Narita.

While on the car ride from Osaka to Kyoto, my favorite site was the first temple I saw in Kyoto. I do not remember the name, but the temple that was built like a tiered-tower was beautiful.

The hostel was much nicer than I imagined it to be. When I think of hostel, I imagine a large room with many bunk beds in it. Piece hostel is different. The bed is larger than the bed in my college dorm, and the lounge area is very nice. It’s actually nicer than most of the hotels I’ve been.

We were able to meet Sachi-san today, and I am grateful that she coordinated the trip for us. We are going to learn more about Zen tomorrow; I am very excited, as I’ve only learned about it through reading so far.

side note: We went to eat at a conveyor belt sushi place today after dropping off our luggage at Piece hostel. The prices surprised me a lot, as conveyor belt sushi is over two times the price in Hawaii.

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