Our Last Day in Kyoto

Today is our last day in Kyoto. I don’t think it’s hit me yet that I wont’ be here tomorrow, but I’m fine with that. I enjoyed my last day here. I slept in and then just walked around for some time this morning, starting at the hostel. I eventually made my way back to the Pontocho area, where I had Omeraisu for lunch! I’ve been wanting to try Omeraisu for some time. I had seen a video of the chef at Kichi Kichi making a special type of Omurice where the center of the egg is runny, and he splits it open before pouring on the dark sauce. However, CJ, Leah, and I were unable to go to Kichi Kichi when we tried last week because of its limited seating and high demand—the earliest open reservation was for February when we checked. However, L’Oeuf was great, I got to try Mushroom Omeraisu, and I plan to try to make some when I get back to Williams.

Stream and bridge in Pontocho area

Omeraisu at L’oeuf

I continued to walk through the narrow streets in the area after lunch, enjoying my time. I eventually made it to a bus stop, from where I went to Ginkakuji (The Silver Pavillion). I had gone to Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavillion) last week and absolutely loved it. I was initially hesitant to go to Kinkauji because I was afraid it would just be an attempt at an extravagant showing off of wealth, but I had enjoyed it a lot, so I thought Ginkakuji would be just as rewarding. It was.


Moss Garden at Ginkakuji

It was nice to walk around Ginkakuji and it made me think more about Zen gardens and design, and what exactly made the environment feel that way. That is definitely I want to explore more once I get back to Williams, and it’s not something I would’ve been interested in had I not seen so many gardens in Kyoto this past week. I am thankful for this opportunity to spend this past week in Kyoto with such amazing people, meeting artisans that have dedicated their lives to their craft. I’ve learned a ton, and have been inspired to explore subjects I didn’t know much about before. It’s been wonderful and I’m grateful for it all.

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