Last Day

Today was my last day in Japan and I spent it in Osaka with my friend. This was my first time going to Osaka, and it was great to hang out with my friend and her daughter all day. I woke up at 8am to eat one last meal of spicy cod rice (the next spicy cod rice day is either Wednesday or Tuesday, and I will be long go). I then made sure everything was packed so that when I came back I wouldnt have all that work to do aswell as know how much shopping I could do in Osaka. My friend found a day pass that was essentially a “train + aquarium entrance + 100 yen off Ferris Wheel ride” bundle. She then travelled down to Kyoto to give me the pass, and we set off from Kyoto to Osaka. On the way Jada-chan (my friend’s daughter) made friends with an older woman on the train and the lady gave her a santa claus cookie, which I thought was very cute. First we went to the aquarium and I saw some pretty impressive animals, without going into who was there, it was basically the entire cast of Finding Dory. My favourite animals though were the very shy eel and a very fat seal that smiled at me. You may be thinking “Joanne the seal did not smile at you, and how do you know the eel was shy?”. I have photographic evidence:

Afterwards I went into a large ferris wheel, and saw this view:

Along the way we got some delicious caramel gourmet popcorn and for lunch I had Taco Bell. I know you must be thinking “your last lunch in Japan was Taco Bell?”, but Jada is two years old and happens to be the decider of all meals, not that I’m complaining. I then walked down dontobori, or atleast I tried to, but it was very crowded and overwhelming. I did go to a larger Daiso, because Daiso is the future and there I bought several last minute gifts. I left Osaka in the evening at around 5pm, and reached Kyoto at around 6pm. I bought a last minute gift for my mother and since I had yen left over I went and bought one last item for myself. We then went on a search for a dinner place for our last dinner in Japan. It was quite a walk, as we went from resturant to resturant trying to find a vegeterian friendly, nonsmoke, cheap, not-tempura-or-ramen that can seat 8 people without splitting them up, and open after 8pm. We found a place at last, and had a great time eating a variety of gyoza. We tried to leave by 10pm to get to a fancy cake shop that closed at 10:30. We did end up getting at the cake store at 10:21, but they already closed. CJ was very displeased. We sadly walked to the 100 Lawson to get candy to drown our sorrows, and on the way 3 Policemen sprinted pass us. Turns out they too were also on their way to the Lawson for a drunk disorder call.  It was interesting to see how police operate in Japan *cough cough AmericaTakeNote*. They are also pretty fast sprinters.


Also note, I plan to add the photos tomorrow morning, as my phone is currently dead.



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