Featured Show – For What It’s Worth, Tuesdays at 6PM

Matt Newman & Johnny Inoue ‘20

“YOU love that song?? I LOVE that song!” is a phrase often heard when Matt and Johnny jam out together or exchange songs. After meeting freshman fall and discovering a shared taste in classic rock, the two began casually playing music together in the hallowed halls of Mission. “I fiddle around with the guitar and Johnny plays the ukulele—we’re not great but we play,” Matt disclaims. 
Johnny recounts, “Last year I’d take my ukulele to Matt’s room because Matt doesn’t like to leave his room with his guitar—” 
“—it’s making a statement to carry a guitar around campus.”
The duo has now turned to playing music on the radio, featuring artists from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and 80’s on the show For What It’s Worth, a nod to the Buffalo Springfield song. They also partake in a fair amount of banter on their show, tossing around random topics, or what they call “meatballs.” Johnny explains that their content is “all fresh, no preservatives.” Most recently they’ve started a trivia segment. “We’re doing a trivia segment where we sound drums, and that signifies a trivia question,” Matt says, tapping on the bongos in the station. Their last question was “Who was known as the fifth Beatle?” Answer: “Pete Best, the drummer before Ringo.”*

For more oldies, listen to For What It’s Worth every Tuesday at 6pm on WCFM 91.9.
For more trivia, come to WCFM Trivia at the Log on November 30th at 8pm. Submit your questions here.
*Stuart Sutcliffe has also been dubbed the fifth Beatle, so trick question?

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