Listen Up, Sheeple

DJ Bean, DJ Tennis
Sunday 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Alternative/Indie, Classic Rock, Folk

Pancakes or waffles? Religion or joy of living? Answer all these questions and more during Lauren and Zoë’s revolutionary show answering the small and the big questions. In between the best music you’ve ever heard, you’ll listen to some great conversation, potentially learn what happened the past on the Bachelor, and hear some freestyle slam poetry about the difference between East Coast and West Coast girls. We’ll talk about our favorite fruits, the best national parks, the weirdest jokes we heard that week, and rank flavors and brands of kombucha. Lauren will pull out quotes from She’s the Man while Zoë will offer tips for your tennis game. We welcome call-ins offering us help on our math homework.

Host: Lauren Lynch, Zoë Bennett