Hog the Aux and Other Barnyard Animals

DJ Fizz Lizz
Sunday 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Alternative/Indie, Classic Rock, Folk, Bluegrass

The name says it all. Tune in to hear us hog the aux and talk briefly about other barnyard animals. And Hog the ox. We love Hog the ox.


But more seriously, we bring good tunes, good energy, and, as always, good vibes to your Sunday afternoons. Hog the Aux will take you down an adventure of musical explorations, melding folk, funk, classic rock, phish, and anything else we happen to moo together with impeccable crossfades and transitions. Together, we will spread our wings and soar through an hour of rad refrains and tubular tunes that make up the soft cloud of our radiowaves. Join us as we do what we do best: hog the aux.

Host: Liz Ferguson