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WCFM Songs of the Week 3/2/2020

Thank you to everyone who came to our Leap Day event and Grimes listening party. We’ve got more events coming up this week, including a listening party this Thursday in the station! Check out this week’s picks, including Ashanti, the Pilgrims, and Panda Bear. 

~ the WCFM board

WCFM Songs of the Week 2/24/20

For all of you who came to the station’s listening party for Arca’s recent release, @@@@@, (and for those of you who were sad to miss!) we’re hosting a listening party for Grimes’ new album, Miss Anthropocene, this Thursday at 10:30. Stay tuned for more events. In the meantime, pregame doomsday, Leap Day, or whatever gets you through the week with our favorite tracks. Listen below!


~ the WCFM board

WCFM Songs of the Week 2/17/20

It’s freezing. And bleak. Stay warm (and hype yourself up) with our picks for this week, featuring Daft Punk, Mick Jenkins, and Raveena.

~ the board



WCFM Songs of the Week 2/10/20

After a brief hiatus, Songs of the Week are back !!! Slow Pulp, Jai Paul and Led Zeppelin round out a start of the semester soundtrack made just for you(all)…because it’s hard to make a playlist AND complain about your readings. Listen below + be sure to check out Ivy Sole at Goodrich this Friday.


~ the WCFM Board