Referendum to be Incorporated into the Three Pillars

In creating the Three Pillars, our Founding Fathers (Founding Friends?) had a great debate about the inclusion of WSU in student government (Two Pillars just doesn’t have the same ring to it). As a consequence of this debate, a compromise was reached: after a full year, the WSU’s existence would be voted on in a campus-wide referendum. That time has come. On the ballot this March is a question asking all of you whether the WSU should continue to exist as an institution. Your options are YES or NO, and a simple majority wins.

We strongly endorse a YES vote on the referendum to keep WSU. The Student Union is not College Council (seriously). We do not have power over RSOs, we do not assign students to committees, and we do not gatekeep positions of power or influence from other students. That is not us. Our power lies in our name and in our members. We focus entirely on improving conditions for all students on campus, and are only as powerful as you allow us to be. If you choose to vote YES and for whatever reason change your mind down the line, you may trigger another referendum through a simple petition. In our Constitution, there are processes for impeaching problematic members and for speaking up against WSU should we do you wrong. Also, due to being a non-hierarchical body, every single representative has equal say and access to meetings or information, making many toxic power abuses by individuals irrelevant.  In our upcoming Record op-Ed, we will go into more detail on what developing this body from scratch has been like. We hope you’ll read it!

Transparency, accessibility, and accountability are not just buzzwords. They are our founding values. We are actively working on building new relationships with all parts of the Williams community, especially students. To keep you all in the loop, we are posting our general meeting agendas and notes of the past, present, and future on this website. Our Instagram (@williamsstudentunion - excuse the shameless plug) has been popping off, and will also have a general summary of each weekly meeting from now on. We also have begun providing monthly newsletters!