Staff Advisory Council

June, 2015

Staff Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2015
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
HR Conference Room

Present: Bonnie Bresett, Donna Richardson, Doug Rydell, Martha Tetrault, ex officio, Kevin Thomas, ex officio
Absent: Tom Aliberti, Kim Altiere, Miguel Gutierrez, Rachel Louis, Jessica Nairn, Tony Sinico, Helena Warburg
Next meeting: TBD

I.        Review of proposal for Supervisory Skills Training Series

Kevin presented a proposal for a series of trainings on basic supervisory skills.


Members agreed that training ought to be mandatory, and that supervisors should attend a certain amount of training that could be done every 3 years, on the idea of a professional certification where people have to get CEUs to recertify.


A discussion of mandatory training ensued.  Martha mentioned certain training topics where it might be mandated that all supervisors show up for a classroom training, esp. those that could entail liability for the college (e.g. employment law, interviewing skills).


The group agreed that the curriculum for the proposed training was well organized and covered all of the important bases.  Group members expressed the importance of creating a class of people that would consider themselves  a cohort for the training series.  It was widely acknowledged that having a mandate for this kind of training come from the top would be greatly helpful in increasing attendance.  There was concern about the training happening monthly over a course of a year especially since some people have to travel as part of their jobs.  Some recommended doing the program in larger chunks over a shorter period of time to make it easier for people to complete and for the group to stay intact through the training.  Important to publish the calendar for the training well in advance so that people could plan to attend.


II.      Membership Changes

The terms of Tony Sinico, Doug Rydell, and Donna Richardson are complete with this meeting.  An email soliciting nominations for their replacements will be sent in early September.


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