Staff Advisory Council

February 2015

Staff Advisory Council Meeting                  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Human Resources Conference Room

In Attendance: Doug Rydell, Jessie Nairn, Kim Altiere, Martha Tetrault ex officio, Kevin Thomas ex officio, Helena Warburg

Absent:           Bonnie Bresett, Donna Richardson, Miguel Gutierrez, Rachel Louis, Tony Sinico



  1. Performance Improvement Plan
    Kevin Thomas introduced a newly rolled out Performance Improvement Form, which complements our existing Performance Development Program. The form is mandatory for those who received “Unsatisfactory” ratings on any of their Performance Development Competencies.  It may also be used after informal coaching has failed to resolve performance issues at other times of the year.  As indicated on the form, managers are expected to work closely with HR in using the form.  The form can be downloaded from the Performance Development forms page: .  Feedback from the group about the form was favorable .
  2. Performance Development Progress Report
    Martha reported on participation in the Performance Development Program so far. Many departments are underway in completing the forms, while others have already submitted theirs.  Martha is now working closely with the Academic Chairs to orient them to the program.
  3. Claiming Williams
    Many on the Staff Advisory Council went to Claiming Williams programs. Most felt that the opening event, using a talk show format, was less effective than last year’s which included many performances.  Council members described the programs they attended and their opinion of them, which was varied.


Next scheduled meeting:  Wednesday March 18, 2015, Human Resource Conference Room, 2:00 p.m.

Please submit any agenda items to Martha prior to the next scheduled meeting

Reported by K. Thomas

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