Staff Advisory Council

February 2013

February 2013 minutes Staff Council Meeting     Location: Faculty House, Lounge Thursday, February 14, 2013    Time: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

In Attendance:  Martha Tetrault, ex officio, Colleen Bethoney, ex officio, Sue Galli, Sue Galli, Michele Migdal, Donna Richardson, Doug Rydell Absent:   justin adkins, Bilial Ansari, Don Chilson, Angela Copeland, Bette Phelps, Michele Rech, Tony Sinico


1. Update on Staff Committee
2. Update from AAC
3. Update on Benefits Committee
4. Staffing changes
5. Sick leave policy 6. Performance Development feedback and planning for next steps


A.  Committee Updates:

1.  Staff Committee – James Cart, Student Employment Coordinator will be replacing Bob Wright as the HR liaison.  An invitation will be requested from Lynn Melchiori, Chair, WSC.

2.  Affirmative Action Committee – Michele and Martha updated the group on who the present members are and their role.  The last meeting the group met with our lawyer to review present policy and determined that it was in need of revisions.

3.  Benefits Committee –  Martha gave an update on the purpose and response to the recent benefits survey.  To date there have been over 400 responses.  Mercer and the Benefits Committee will be reviewing this information and factoring it into future conversations related to the college’s benefits plans.   A series of listening sessions will be scheduled on campus to discuss and share opinions on the College’s benefits.

B.  Feedback about President Falk’s letter to the campus: The group discussed President’s most recent letter to the Williams Community.  A number of those present thought that readers tend to skim these emails for content pertaining to them and what they need to know in their particular role.

C. Campus staffing changes  – Martha announced the following recent shifts in departmental reorganization
1.  HR Danielle Gonzalez’s promotion to Assistant Director, Human Resources; currently recruiting for a Recruitment Coordinator and an HR Generalist with specialization in staff development programming.
2. Facilities Facilities now reports to Fred Puddester.  After a significant operational review, facilities is now separated into two collaborative units. Bob Wright has been appointed Executive Director, Facilities Management; the college is recruiting an Executive Director for Design and Construction
3.  Controller’s Office – The Controller’s Office’s financial role has been expanded to include budget and planning. Todd Hoffman, Budget Director and Kristen Renish, Budget and Planning Analyst now report here.
4. Center for Learning in Action A Center for Learning in Action was created combining experiential education and community engagement initiative under one department. Paula Consolini was appointed the director of the new enterprise.  Other members are:  Bilal Ansari, Assistant Director, Lehman Council Advisor, Stewart Burns, Assistant Director, Community Partnerships and Placements, Tracy Finnegan, Assistant Director, Regional and At-Risk Education, Molly Polk, North Adams Science and America Reads/America Counts Assistant, Jennifer Swoap, Assistant Director, Local Elementary School Outreach, and Kaatje White, Assistant Director, Local High School Education.  A search is underway for a program assistant.

Next scheduled meeting:  April 11  Faculty House Lounge 10:00 a.m.

Please submit any agenda items to Martha prior to the next scheduled meeting

Reported by C. Bethoney

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