Staff Advisory Council

April 2015

April 2015 Minutes

Staff Advisory Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

11:00 – 12:00 p.m.

HR Conference Room

In Attendance: Kim Altiere, Miguel Gutierrez, Rachel Louis, Jessica Nairn, Donna Richardson, Doug Rydell, Martha Tetrault, ex officio, Kevin Thomas, ex officio, Helena Warburg

Absent:           Tom Aliberti, Bonnie Bresett,


  • Performance Development Updates
    1. Martha reported that progress is being made on performance development throughout the campus. Forms sometimes take a while to make it through the various levels of signature before they are received in HR.  They continue to come in and conversations indicate that departments are making progress.
    2. Martha met with Chairs and incoming Chairs in academic departments, who seemed receptive to the program. They are in the process of choosing which calendar they will be on (depts. can choose from 3 different schedules of when reviews are due).  There was the option of working on job descriptions where they have not been updated this spring, and begin the first review at one of the three points starting fall next year.  Others are ready to start doing reviews now.  A meeting for staff in academic depts. has been scheduled for April 22 – Martha will provide an orientation to the program.
    3. The Council asked about follow up for managers in departments that lagged behind their peers in submitting reviews. Martha said she would be following up with the head of the departments in that instance.
    4. HR is continuing to work on developing effective reporting of the program. Reporting can be complicated by the fact that departments are on different schedules.  It is also necessary to develop a report that rolls up and reflects the complex reporting relationships
    5. The Council asked about how new employees will be segued into the program. The newly revised onboarding checklist for managers (or anyone that hires and has primary responsibility for onboarding a new hire) is online now and includes guidance about this, as well as a 6-month review form.
  • VP for Diversity and Equity Search
    1. The Council asked for an update. Martha reported that the search committee has met with President Adam Falk and had a good discussion about the finalist candidates. Adam will make the decision after following up with the search firm and checking references.
  • Draft of the Sexual Misconduct  Policy and Procedures for Faculty and Staff
    1. Martha provided background and context for the development of a new process for handling allegations of sexual misconduct that involve a faculty and/or staff member. The process seeks to provide support and safety for those bringing forward a complaint, as well as for those accused. It seeks to be objective, compassionate, consistent, and compliant with the many laws that apply.  Though still necessarily complex, the process is much more streamlined and less daunting than its predecessor.
    2. The Council asked about the definitions of sexual misconduct and about the policies that are referenced within the draft document under review. The policy is currently on the college’s website.
    3. The Council asked about the stigma that could be associated with someone who was accused under the policy but not found to have violated the policy, and also whether those terminated under the policy would be put on a “do not rehire” list. There was also some discussion about referring to the person as “the accused” in the process, and whether that unnecessarily stigmatizes the person.

Next scheduled meeting:  Wednesday, May 13, 11am – 12pm, HR Conference Room

Please submit any agenda items to Martha prior to the next scheduled meeting



Reported by Kevin Thomas

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