Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council


The Staff Advisory Council is a group of staff members from across the college that meets regularly with Human Resources leadership to research, discuss, and provide feedback on institutional policies and practices.  Outside of monthly meetings, Council members act as ambassadors to their local campus communities, sharing information and identifying issues of importance to staff. The Council also collaborates with HR staff to organize annual staff appreciation events.

Examples of staff policies and procedures the Council has shaped are:

  • Expanded staff tuition benefit
  • Accelerated schedule for increasing vacation accruals for support staff
  • Changes to the bereavement policy


The council is comprised of 18 members, 3 from each of the “Neighborhoods” listed below.  We created these neighborhoods so that the membership of the council can represent the community as a whole.  New members are solicited annually. Staff may express interest themselves or be referred by others. Council members serve a 3 year term.    The Council meets monthly.


Name Departments Covered
Academic Departments All departments reporting to the Dean of the Faculty (including Mystic)
Campus Life and College Relations All departments reporting to the VP for Campus Life and VP for College Relations, except for Dining.
Dining Dining Services
Central Admin All departments reporting to:

  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Dean of the College
  • President
  • VP, Institutional Diversity & Equity
  • VP, Finance and Administration

Except for Facilities.

Facilities Facilities
Provost’s Areas All departments reporting to the Provost, including:

  • Libraries
  • Office for Informational Technology
  • Williams College Museum of Art
  • Science Center
  • Zilkha Center

Members, Department, Terms

Veronica Bosley, Dean of Faculty’s Office, September 2015 -June 2018*
Laurie Booth, Development Office, September 2016 – June 2019
Brittaney Burdick, Williams Child Care Center, September 2017 – June 2020
Charlotte Clark, Dining Services, September 2017 – June 2020
Scott Duncan, Facilities, September 2017 – June 2020
Susan Gaskell, VP – Campus Life Office, September  2015- June 2018*
Scott Henderson, Facilities, September 2017 – June 2020
Tamra Hjermstad, Office for Information Technology, September  2015- June 2018*
Nadine Nance, Williams Libraries, September 2017 – June 2020

Danielle Gonzalez, Human Resources, ex officio
Kevin Thomas, Human Resources, ex officio
Carol Rand, Human Resources, ex officio

* This member has generously agreed to extend their term while the Staff Advisory Council re-envisions its mission and constituency.

Staff Council welcomes questions, comments and suggestions from members of the staff. To contact members of this committee, please utilize the Williams People Directory.

For more information visit the Human Resources website.