Savan Kharel

April 23, 2019
by Savan Kharel
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Department of Physics
Williams College
Science Center South Building Rm 20
880 Main St, Williamstown, MA 01267
P: 413-597-2633
E: savan.kharel at williams


My research focuses on particle physics as well as properties of holographic principle, black holes, and quantum field theory. This encompasses the study of scattering processes such as collisions of quarks and gluons in colliders. These processes are marked by a simplicity of mathematical structure that has puzzled physicists for several decades. Progresses in the computation of amplitudes in flat spacetime can also be extended to curved spacetime. This area of research can be a productive and fertile place for undergraduates to make a contribution as evidenced by students that have successfully worked with me.


PHYS 132  (S): Electromagnetism and the Physics of Matter
PHYS 106 (F): Being Human in STEM
PHYS 321 (F): Introduction to Particle Physics