Gaius C. Bolin Chapter

GCBC Executive Board Members:

Say Say Rivers ’22 | Co-President
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Economics, History, and French
Team: Football
Hobbies: Sketching & Bowling
Why GCBC? I was presented an opportunity to make tangible change by a former teammate. This opportunity granted me the ability to get in on the ground floor and build an organization up from scratch. While it is important for student-athletes to have a direct line to administration, I felt and continue to feel like it is equally important – if not more important – for student-athletes of color to have their own line to administration given the unique problems that they face and that typically the majority of their teammates do not. I wanted to be a part of building that space, that community, for former, current, and future student-athletes of color through GCBC.

Gabby Martin ’21 | Co-President
Hometown: Madison, CT
Major: Biology
Team: Women’s Basketball and Golf
Hobbies: Running, Baking, and Traveling 
Why GCBC? I grew up afraid that my skin color made me less than others. Society told me that I couldn’t do certain things because of the color of my skin. For example, play golf or attend a top tier liberal arts college like Williams. Still, to this day, whenever I arrive at a golf course, I am stared down and asked if I am in the right place. Then, when I finally get the opportunity to tee off, everyone stops and looks my way.  When I was younger, I hated having everyone stare at me, but I have since grown to love it because there is nothing more satisfying than proving others wrong—proving others wrong through hard work and determination. Now when I tee off, I smile and wave as I walk to the middle of the fairway to hit my next shot. However, I am not alone. I know that many athletes of color have experienced discrimination in their sport. I joined GCBC because I am tired of letting fear rule my life. I am tired of society telling us what we should and should not do based on the color of our skin. I joined GCBC because I want to help all minority athletes at Williams College feel safe and feel like they can walk with their heads held high on campus. I am excited to work with such a talented group of students to institute real change on this campus.

Georgia Lord ’22 | Communications Director
Hometown: Manchester, VT
Major: Psychology
Team: Women’s Soccer
Hobbies: Going on runs with friends, listening to podcasts, creating videos, and eating my mom’s awesome food
Why GCBC? I chose to be a part of GCBC because I believe that it is crucial for student-athletes of color to have our own space where we feel unconditionally supported for who we are. Through GCBC I have met athletes who are incredibly driven and passionate about making athletics at Williams, and Williams in general, a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. Together, I believe that we will make a positive lasting change for student-athletes of color for the years to come.

Priscilla Singleton-Eriyo ’23 | Executive Board Member
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Political Economy
Team: Women’s Basketball
Hobbies: Listening to music, online shopping, podcasts, and watching basketball
Why GCBC? GCBC works and continues to work to provide affinity space, support, and advocacy for our athletes of color on the Williams campus and beyond. I chose GCBC to help move these initiatives forward and to connect with more athletes of color on campus, in the NESCAC, and to connect with alumni.

Cris Young ’22 | Event Coordinator
Hometown: Martinsville, NJ
Major: Sociology and Science & Technology Studies
Team: Women’s Track and Field
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, biking, fashion, and social/racial justice initiatives
Why GCBC? There has been a need for Williams to confront its long history with racism on its campus as one of the oldest colleges in the U.S. GCBC allows student-athletes of color to facilitate conversations around race, tokenism, elitism, and classism in D3 sports as well as the classroom. As a Filipina woman at a PWI, there’s a lot of work to be done, but I know that GCBC has introduced me to some of the most motivated, smart, and passionate students on campus to aid me in the first steps to creating change on our campus and beyond.

Lindsay Avant ’21 | Executive Board Member
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: History and French
Team: Women’s Soccer
Hobbies: Pottery, reading, and watching Chelsea FC be the most dominant men’s and women’s football/soccer club in London and England
Why GCBC? Outlet to connect with other athletes about the unique experience that is being a student athlete of color at Williams.

Alex Stoddard ’23 | Executive Board Member
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Major: Undecided
Team: Men’s Basketball
Hobbies: Producing music and playing video games
Why GCBC? I want to help improve the experiences for student athletes of color on campus and be a voice for the needs of student athletes of color.

Nehemiah Wilson ’21 | Community Outreach Representative
Hometown: South Hadley, MA
Major: Mathematics
Team: Baseball
Hobbies: Martial Arts
Why GCBC? To create a sense of community and belonging for athletes of color who play on predominantly white teams in predominantly white leagues.