The Board

Meet the members of our board!

Please feel free to reach out to them individually if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. If you don’t know where to start, Laura and Rollie are our chairs, but feel free to reach out to any and all of us!

Laura Westphal ’21, (she/hers/her), Co-Chair, [email protected]

Rollie Grinder ’21, (she, her, hers), Co-Chair, [email protected]

Gabby Granata ’22, (she, her, hers), Secretary, [email protected]


Kaiz Esmail ’23, (he, him, his), Co-Training Coordinator, [email protected]

Robert Nielsen ’23, (he/him/his), Co-Training Coordinator, [email protected]

























Ruby Bagwyn ’23, (she/her/hers), Treasurer, [email protected]

Tiffany Park ’23,
(she/her/hers), Publicity Coordinator,
[email protected]

Lucy Grossbard ’23,
she/her/hers, Co-Workshop Coordinator
[email protected]

Emily Lock ’22, (she/her/hers), Co-Workshop Coordinator, [email protected]