Faces of RASAN

We are some of this year’s trained RASAN hotline members. We are available to listen to you if you ever need someone to talk to. Use the link on the homepage to meet with us! If you see one of us around, feel free to stop us and talk, or send any of us an e-mail!

Michael Crisci ’21 (he/him/his) [email protected]

Sylvia Janda ’21  (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Gwyneth Maloy ’21 (she/her/hers) [email protected]

Nicole Fernandes ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Haeon Yoon ’21  (she/her/hers) [email protected]

Hayden Gillooly ’21 (she/her/hers) [email protected]

Afoma Maduegbuna ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Guanghao Yu ’21     (he/him/his) [email protected]



Julia Ward ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Fiona Selmi ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Madeline Rawson ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Halle Schweizer ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Rebecca Tauber ’21 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

William Conyers ’21 (he/his/him) [email protected]

Lauren Fossel ’22 (she/hers/her) [email protected]

Anjali Poe ’22   (she/her/hers) [email protected]













Anna Peterson ’22 (she, her, hers) [email protected]




George Yacoub ’21           (he, him, his) [email protected]

Laura Westphal ’21 (she, her, hers) [email protected]

Gabby Granata ’22 (she, her, hers) [email protected]


Rollie Grinder ’21 (she, her, hers)      [email protected]

Lizzie Letsou ’23 (she, her, hers)                  [email protected]

Molly Craig ’21 (she, her, hers)   [email protected]

Georgia Panitz ’22 (she, her, hers)        [email protected]

Caitlin Han ’23 (she, her, hers)      [email protected]

Henry Newell ’21 (he, him, his) [email protected]

Tiffany Park ’23 (she, her, hers) [email protected]







 Maddie Annis ’23 (she/her/hers) [email protected]

Isabel Arvelo ’23 (she/her/hers) [email protected]

Ruby Bagwyn ’23 (she/her/hers) [email protected]

Robert Nielsen ’23 (he/him/his) [email protected]

Lucy Grossbard ’23
(she, her, hers)
[email protected]

Kaiz Esmail ’23 (he, him, his) [email protected]