Additional Support

There are many resources for Williams students seeking support, both on and off campus.

*= confidential means that unless you say something that indicates that your life or another is in danger, everything you say stays with the person you are talking to

Sexual Assault Survivor Services (SASS) 413-597-3000

  • Intensively trained staff members who run a confidential* 24/7 hotline all year round
  • They work closely with RASAN and are super awesome! 🙂 

Carolina Echenique (Admissions)

Donna Denelli-Hess (Health Educator)

Jennifer Chuks (Athletics)

Mike Evans                      (Zilkha Center)

Meg Bossong          (Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response)

Rick Spalding (Chaplain)

Other Confidential* Resources On-Campus 

Confidential* Resources Off-Campus, include:

Responsible employees on campus include:

  • All staff of the Dean of the College’s office
  • All Campus Safety and Security staff
  • All staff of the Office of Student Life
  • All Staff of the Center for Learning in Action
  • All Staff of the Financial Aid Office
  • All Staff of the Davis Center not specifically designated as confidential resources
  • All Staff of Academic Resources, Fellowships and Writing Programs
  • All Staff of the Career Center
  • All Senior Staff of the College [The President, VP for Campus Life, Dean of the College, Dean of the Faculty, VP for Finance and Administration, VP for Institutional Diversity, Chief Investment Officer, Provost, VP for Public Affairs, VP for College Relations, and Secretary of the College]
  • All Faculty
  • All coaches, assistant coaches and athletic trainers
  • All librarians
  • Directors of the Mystic Program and the Williams-Exeter Program at Oxford
  • Directors of the Center for Development Economics and The Graduate Program in the History of Art
  • All staff of the Children’s Center
  • The Directors of the Outing Club, Human Resources, The Zilkha Center, The Center for Environmental Studies, The Williams College Museum of Art, the Office of Information Technology,  Alumni Relations, Development, the Investment Office and the Center for Theater and Dance.
  • The Director of Dining Services.
  • The Director and Deputy Director of Admission