Peer Health

Health Concerns

help this school is so bad for my health that i think i need to leave?!?!

  1. check out this amazing website sally waters made! it includes an FAQ, testimonials from people who have taken time off, and more.
  2. if you think you could handle being at williams if you didn’t have quite as much to do, you can always try applying for a reduced course load and/or other accommodations.
  3. if you think you could succeed at another institution, you might want to think about studying away or transferring.
  4. if you think you might just need a break, figure out what type of leave you would take (personal, medical, etc.) and the necessary steps for each.
  5. here is the college’s refund policy for taking time off.  if you’re pretty sure you want to take the semester off, it’s best financially to do so before classes begin.  make sure to talk to the bursar’s office to confirm reimbursement and figure out financial aid.
  6. talk to as many people as you can: students who have taken time off, deans, psych services, medical professionals (for medical leave), family, friends, academic advisors, financial aid officers, and more.
  7. contact the career center if you need suggestions on jobs in your area while you’re away.
  8. if you do decide to take leave, go through this checklist to make sure you’ve jumped through all the bureaucratic hoops.

people to contact* who have been through this:

ricky faillace ‘16
sally waters ‘16.5
sarah fleming ‘17.5
skylar chaney ‘19.5

*but pls don’t use them as a substitute for professional support; we can’t enable williams to rely on student labor