Peer Health

Feeling Unwell

help i’m chronically unwell but still have to function as a student & person?!!?

  1. reach out to g.l. wallace if you need accommodations.  here are some examples of accommodations that have been given.
  2. reach out to the dean’s office for help. (try asking around for disability-friendly deans). no matter where you are or how deeply you may feel things have gone wrong, it’s their job to help you. no problem is too severe for them to address.
  3. if you need to miss class, email your professors telling them you’re not feeling well and have them ask g.l. if they have any questions. you don’t have to provide specifics and it’s totally okay to ask g.l. to fight any difficult profs for you. it’s okay to miss class, but communication is key.
  4. ask a friend you trust to text you if they stop seeing you around your usual study spots, dining halls, or notice you start to disassociate. it’s totally fine to have your alone time too but sometimes it’s also nice to have a lifeline who can tell when things start taking a turn for the worse.
  5. similarly, ask a friend you trust to be willing to bring you things (food, assignments, etc.) if you know that you tend to feel so bad that you stay in your room.
  6. if you find yourself putting a lot of labor into projects outside of the classroom (activism, student groups, etc.) and don’t have time for your coursework and your health, consider proposing an independent study.  that way, you can consolidate your workload, have a more flexible schedule, and get credit for the work you’re already doing.

people to contact* who have been through this:

megumi asada ‘17
samuel swire ‘17.5
sarah fleming ‘17.5

*but pls don’t use them as a substitute for professional support; we can’t enable williams to rely on student labor