Peer Health

Coming Back to Campus

help i took time off but now i want to come back???!

  1. look at this checklist for readmission readiness.
  2. fill out the appropriate readmission application by july 1 for the fall, november 15 for winter study, and december 1 for the spring.  note that if you took medical leave, you must have your health provider(s) fill out the health provider recommendation.   
  3. if you’ve been away for more than 3 years, you will need to fill out the standard first-year application.
  4. if you’re on financial aid, make sure to fill out the FAFSA even if you’re not totally sure you’ll come back!  this deadline is much earlier than the readmission application deadline (varies state to state; see deadlines here).
  5. check out the housing mini-lottery schedule or fill out a special housing application to figure out your housing.  note that you can participate in a lottery or fill out a request as soon as you are readmitted, even if that is way before the deadline.
  6. check your mailbox reassignment on peoplesoft.
  7. if there are classes you know you want to take, email professors and/or the registrar  as early as possible about your situation in case you miss preregistration.
  8. be warned that it will be weird getting back to campus.  be prepared for a lot of awkward interactions.  here is a list of annoying/surprisingly difficult questions people might ask you.  
  9. did you know that you study abroad instead of coming back to campus, even during your senior year?

people to contact* who have been through this:

ricky faillace ‘16
sally waters ‘16.5
sarah fleming ‘17.5
skylar chaney ‘19.5

*but pls don’t use them as a substitute for professional support; we can’t enable williams to rely on student labor