Peer Health

Surviving at Williams

Williams has a lot of great resources for students struggling with mental and physical illness, but it can be difficult to find out about them or intimidating to ask for help when you’re having trouble convincing yourself you even deserve to exist.

Sarah Fleming ‘17.5 and Megumi Asada ’17 along with other student contributors have compiled these wonderful guides to help anyone who is struggling at Williams. It’s filled with resources, advice, and contact information for students and alumni who’ve dealt with (or continue to deal with) a variety of problems.  

“This is the first guide in what we hope will be a series, each volume tackling a different set of common issues students might face at Williams. Through this project, we aim to make existing resources more accessible to students and help pass down the knowledge and strategies that previous generations of students have developed in the face of mental and physical illness on campus.” -Sarah Fleming ‘17.5 

Peer Health will like to continue this effort. Please email us at or Sarah at smf1, if you are interested in contributing or getting involved.