Peer Health


Every college student has to deal with increased workload and competition as well as the pressure of living away from home, but each year has its own specific pressures. First-year students are faced with leaving home and the security of family and friends and then expected to make new friends and adjust to a new environment. Sophomores hit the notorious sophomore slump. The excitement of freshman year has worn off and you can see no light at the end of the tunnel. As Juniors, Williams students on campus have to deal with friends studying abroad and/or the responsibilities of being a JA while also coping with the core classes for your major. Seniors have the pressures of job interviews and applications for grad, law, or medical school, not to mention the fear of having to enter the “real” world.

On top of all these pressures, there is the omnipresent emphasis on perfection. The typical Eph seems to be able to do everything and to do it all well. Everyone is good-looking, intelligent, athletic, and artistically talented – or so it seems. But if we buy into this, we’re deluding ourselves. Although all students at Williams are talented, nobody is perfect and everybody has problems.

Positive and negative stress
Measure your stress
Exam stress
Relaxation techniques