Book|Deconstruction in Context

Deconstruction in Context
by Mark C. Taylor

University of Chicago Press
December 1986

There is no rigorous and effective deconstruction without the faithful memory of philosophies and literatures, without the respectful and competent reading of texts of the past, as well as singular works of our own time. Deconstruction is also a certain thinking about tradition and context. Mark Taylor evokes this with great clarity in the course of a remarkable introduction. He reconstitutes a set of premises without which no deconstruction could have seen the light of day.
Jacques Derrida

This invaluable philosophical sampler brings together many of the threads out of which deconstruction is woven. Taylor’s anthology does not make deconstruction easy; much more usefully, it provides a meticulous guide to the sources – and significance – of the difficulties.
Barbara E. Johnson

By putting Derrida in the context of philosophers, from Kant and Hegel to Bataille and Blanchot, who are precedents or contemporary with him, we gain an understanding of the philosophical problems, enterprises, and conclusions that gave impetus to the deconstructive way of thinking… One need not consent to the compellingness of this endeavor and its procedures and results to be grateful for a book that illuminates the philosophical movement with which it participates and in which it plays a role.
M.H. Abrams