Redeeming Art to Refiguring the Spiritual
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sm_field_notes Crisis on Campus: A Bold Plan for Reforming Our Colleges and Universities
August 31, 2010

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Vito Acconci
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Grave Matters
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sm_the_pictures (4K)
The Picture in Question: Mark Tansey and the Ends of Representation
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Critical Terms for Religious Studies
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Japanese translation: Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, 2008.

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Hosei University Press

Imagologies: Media Philosophy
March 1994
Sections of the book produced a fabric line – Media Text – by Marimekko of Finland.

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Disfiguring: Art, Architecture, and Religion
University of Chicago Press
November 1992
Japanese Translation, Misuzu Shobo Publishing Co., forthcoming.

Double Negative

Michael Heizer

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University of Chicago Press
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Les Editions du Cerf

Deconstructing Theology
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of Ray L. Hart
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sm_religion (13K)

Religion and the Human Image
co-author with Professors Carl Raschke and James Kirk

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A Study of Time and the Self
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